Les Williams

Wer wir sind

Kyra BEATS is an AMERICAN/ GERMAN production trio, composed of Les Williams based out of Los Angeles and, Kurt Stolle and Thomas Porzig, who reside in Germany. After meeting each other in 2015 while on a trip in Germany, we started sharing tracks and realized that our production styles were complimentary. We decided to collaborate on some music projects and with the use of modern technology we initiated a workflow that allowed seamless sharing of projects from across the globe. Eventually, after exploring new sounds and producing the “Let It Go” mixtape for Nyzzy Nyce, we formed Kyra BEATS We believe that each song we create is a work of art and we strive to be as organic as possible during its creation. While we may make a song that is for a specific genre, the goal is to not sit comfortable within one genre manufacturing beats based upon a set template. Music is part psychology, part math, part conversational, and all emotion. Grasping the concepts of each of these elements and understanding their interactions is in our opinion, crucial to being great producers. Each of our songs is created with great attention to the interplay of ideas and formal experimentation. Art is constantly evolving, and successful new art involves progress. Of course, there are always technical aspects to every artistic endeavor that must be mastered, but beyond that; it’s knowing what elements to add, how to add, when to add, when not to, and most importantly how to listen that makes all the difference between a good and great song. It is our goal for listeners to not only have a bodily response to our songs, but also cognitive recognition. We want our songs to create emotional expression and dance rhythms. At the same time we want the listener to recognize abstract structures and complexity.