Why NeueBands.de?

NeueBands.de is all about local music. Discover bands in your area. Find concerts.Connect with local artists and like-minded music fans. Enjoy you're local music scene!

How can I register as a band?

Our registration is straightforward and free of charge. Click on "Register", then choose "Artist".You can register either via Facebook connect or directly using email and password.Upon completion of the registration form, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.Once you click on that link, your account is enabled and you can start using it:

  • Create a profile for your band and invite fellow band members
  • Add Soundcloud songs and Youtube videos so that our users get to know your music
  • Grow your fan base and communicate with them
  • Follow other bands

What does it cost me?

Artist registration and the creation of band profiles are free of charge. We will add advanced services in the coming months, like ticketing and music streaming, where we will offer a fair package to everyone interested.


How does the award work?

Every registered user can upvote her favorite bands up to once a month. At the end of each month we count all votes and present the winner of the month.

Who has won so far?

A list of all winners so far can be found in our winning archive.